The Most Common Role-Playing Games and Fetishes People Enjoy

Role plays are meant to satisfy people’s secret fantasy. The best solution for role-playing is if couples can do it in a stable long-term relationship.

It can be very exciting when someone transforms themselves into other people or characters.

If it is not possible in a relationship, because there is no partner for it or they are not willing to do that, you have the chance to experience role play in brothels. If you go to reputable brothel websites, you will find role play on the service list of many girls.

Popular role plays

Most of the violent ones are not allowed and the girl will most likely say “no” to your request. Most of them are related to different professions. If you watch porn movies nowadays they are full of various fetishes and may include role-playing.

Here is a brief description of the most popular ones:


A strict teacher sexually punishes their student or the student seduces the teacher. It can be popular with young people who are searching for adventures with mature people. As in brothels, there are mostly young girls working, it’s much more obvious that an older gentleman will play the part of the teacher and the girl will be the student.

Medical role plays

Every man would be happy if a hot, sexy nurse would visit him at the hospital and he could be the patient. These kinds of role plays are surely available in brothels. But maybe young girls are also happy when a handsome doctor does their medical checkups.


Maybe there are people who would like to have sex with family members. You can probably fulfill your fetish of having sex with a family member at a brothel where, for example you can take care of your “younger sister”. However, make sure to properly explain your intentions to the prostitute before choosing her.

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Police role plays

In general, people like to be dominant or submissive when sex comes up. The dominance that a policeman or policewoman presents may turn several people on. When you go to a brothel, you surely have the chance to play roles with the prostitutes working there.

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