Why Masturbating In Public is More Exciting For Some Women


Oftentimes when public masturbation comes into a discussion, everyone thinks of weird men who take their “junk” out and play with it.

But everyone keeps forgetting that women can masturbate in public too. Some may argue that women never masturbate, not even at home. They are wrong. Women masturbate, some a lot, some less. But at one point in their life, every women masturbated or tried to.

Masturbating in public is often seen, by those who do it, like having sex in public. The thrill public sex brings is like no other, especially for those who seek such excitement.

Women masturbating in public

For women it’s rather easy to do this. Of course, they don’t need to rub their pussy with their own hands. No, they have a lot of sex toys which they can use to masturbate. The same sex toys that they use at home, they can use it in public.

Vibrations are a woman’s best friend, next to dildos of course. The thing is that by using a small vibrator to stimulate their pussy no one will ever know about it. No one will know what her smile really means.

The “being in public” factor will make it even more exciting than the “old masturbating in bed”.

There are other toys, apart from vibrating ones, which might work in public. Dildos that are imitating the thrusting motion of actual sex. However, no matter how good are these at home, it is not recommended to use them in public. Someone might notice and ruin your whole “moment”

Men masturbating in public

Considered illegal in many countries, just like public sex, men who masturbate in public are being looked upon badly. Like they are filthy and disgusting.

The truth is that taking their junk out is what makes it noticeable and disgusting to others. If there was any solution to men masturbating in public without being noticed, they wouldn’t be looked upon like this.

Men get their thrill from this because it is illegal and because they can fantasize in real life various sexual scenarios.

All in all, masturbating in public is generally viewed as a bad thing by both the society and the law-enforcers. If you enjoy masturbation so much, you can go to a brothel where the brothel-girls will surely let you masturbate to their appearance (by paying money of course) as well as do way more than that.

  • Interestingly enough, there is a place where public masturbation is legal: Italy. Even the Huffington Post wrote about it, check it out HERE

Piece of advice: if you still want to masturbate try your best to hide yourself from the curious eye.

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