What It’s Like To Lose Your Virginity After 20 Years of Age

Rushing and trying to make up for lost experiences feels empty for most guys.

We all have that one friend or one guy we know who has never been with a girl. He’s mostly the type who’s anxious around girls. He would rather stick to his video games than talk to one of them. It’s not that he wouldn’t want to have sex or hang out with girls. He doesn’t know how to. Because often enough, some guys are really overlooked because of their appearance or for being socially anxious. They suddenly find themselves being 22 years old, with no sexual experience what so ever. There are plenty of girls who find themselves in this situation too.

None of them could shake the feeling of missing out on something big. It can get really frustrating when you hear your friends talking about a good lay they had. For someone who is a virgin over their 20’s, it’s an existential crisis. The point of realization that they have to change something, comes sooner or later. Thinking about the fact that they might not have a sex partner in their entire lives makes a person miserable.

It’s even harder to start out a relationship this way, especially with someone who lost his or her virginity during their teen years. Almost every time, these guys and girls end up with the same resolve.

The Way Out

Once a person gets tired of being a virgin, they do the most reasonable thing. They try to get laid as quickly and as many times as possible. Going on a rampage to get laid is something that few guys are strangers to. But it’s a different process for a virgin. It comes with a number of personal sacrifices.

A guy named Raphael has shared his story online. Although he lost his virginity to his girlfriend when she was 22, his relationship ended when he was 26. After that, he had a long streak of having no sex at all. Needless to say, he was feeling quite miserable. So he jumped right into the action and tried to have as much sex as little time as possible. He ended up having sex with 26 women over the year and a lot of failed trials. That’s pretty hardcore. Raphael jumped from zero to hero in a single year.

Though it took him a lot of learning. He read plenty of dating blogs, books and just about anything that would help him know what to do. He also ended up with $7000 credit card debt. It took him so much cash to buy new clothes, take girls to dinners and pay for everything else he thought was necessary to get laid. All he was trying to do, is to make up for all the years he couldn’t get laid. Raphael wanted to make up for the years he missed. He caught up but soon realized that all of these were empty experiences. He was just racking up the numbers and didn’t care much about anything else. It was easy for him to figure out that the quality of the experience was the most important on both sides.

Other Issues With Losing Your Virginity Late

As with any other thing in life, you’ll lack a lot of experience down the road if you start too late. But that’s not the only problem with losing your virginity at an older age. A research published in 2008 has shown that delayed sexual activity comes with health risks. It affects the development of cognitive, emotional and interpersonal skills of a person. Not to mention that it affects a person self-esteem in an unhealthy way. Which is why they go all in on getting laid, to reclaim their self-esteem.

Often enough, actually losing your virginity can start off the same thing. Just as it did with Clara. The girl lost her virginity at 25 and realized how much she was missing out on. She felt that she wasted her youth not having sex and went all in. She was too self-conscious and nervous about trying sex for the first time and figured it wasn’t worth it. So throwing all her boundaries away, she started to enjoy and embrace sex.

Even though some people lose their virginity „at an okay time”, can have the same insecurities as „late starters”. About 2 years of not having sex at all can really mess with your head.

A Good Solution

A lot of times, virgins forget two great choices everyone has when they want to get laid. The first and most natural is letting it go and building an actual relationship. But that isn’t an easy solution by any means and you can always find one down the road.

A couple cuddling.

In my opinion, one of the best choices is going to a brothel. Having sex with a sex worker can be an enlightening experience for a virgin. Not only he or she will be more confident to go out and date, it will also be an outstanding experience.

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So, if you have a friend who’s in dire need of a lay, just visit the local brothel or find a sex worker online. Just be sure to let the prostitute know that he’s a virgin and you’re good to go. Even though he’s paying the sex worker to have sex with him, it will definitely boost his confidence. If you’re visiting Vienna by any chance, hit up Bothel Maxim and you’ll have the most outstanding experience.


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