The History of Paris’ Most Famous Brothels I Sleeping With the Enemy


How prostitution worked in Paris during World War II

During the World War II, famous brothels in Paris entertained Hitler’s troops. These closed houses operated under Nazi patronage. Le Chabanais was the most elegant brothel in Paris. The period of the war was the zenith of the brothels in Paris.  According to Patrick Buisson, French social commentator, these establishments shamed France during the years of the war.

  • LeChabanais is a brothel so famous that you can even find a nice Wiki article about it. Click here and read the story

Buisson states in a book that these times were not a strict deprivation in the life of Paris, but they were patronized by the Nazis.  A lot of cash and art treasures were poured into the Parisian closed houses.  The prostitutes offered high-class services and the brothel staff did its best to satisfy the needs of the German troops. The majority of the nights ended up in parties with lots of alcohol.

The orgies went on even when the bombings happened. It seemed nothing can stop the sensual nights in Paris. When the German invaders occupied France, they became insatiable clients.  During the time of SS units there were 22 well-known brothels in Paris for the military and high-class officials.

The girls went through by regular health checkups by German medics who wanted to make sure there were no illnesses and the prostitutes were healthy. The brothels were run by former prostitutes turned into madams.  In these times, fees paid to the madams were the highest in the history of prostitution. Cost of a single visit was the equivalent  of an official’s payment per week.

Famous clients in the brothels

Senior Nazis such as Hermann Goering often visited reputable brothels as well as Queen Victoria’s son. Bertie ,future King Edward VII, came to the door of Le Chabanais for example and enjoyed high-class prostitutes entertainment at the end of the 18th century. Artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec also was a regular just like many other contemporary historic figures.

Another famous brothel

The fabulously designed and decorated One Two Two was another place where these enormous orgies took place. The prostitutes often were dressed like Greek goddesses and the interior was also high-quality.

  • Click here and read the full story about One Two Two on AtlasObscura

The brothels were not only about sex, they were sometimes like club rooms with a relaxed atmosphere that Germans needed in such horrible times like the World War. Of course the number one role of the brothels was sex and orgies.

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