What Secrets USA’s First Legal Brothel Mustang Ranch is Hiding


In the United States of America, prostitution is illegal except in the state of Nevada. Here, among other brothels, you can find Mustang Ranch, formerly known as Mustang Bridge Ranch.

In 1971, under the management and ownership of Joe Conforte, the Mustang Ranch became the first licensed brothel in Nevada. It was the pride of Nevada regarding brothels, being the largest and the most profitable one. Following the licensing of the Mustang Ranch, 10 out of 17 counties in the state of Nevada legalized prostitution with more brothels opening their now legal doors to clients.

A dark history

The brothel had its share of history and stories. For example, in the beginning the brothel refused black customers and by 1967 they had a separate trailer for black people while the brothel-girls had the option to refuse those clients, something that wasn’t available for white clients. Even though later on this separation was cast aside, black clients were still announced with a different signal, so that women could choose to not join the lineup.

Another story would be that in 1976, a world class boxer Oscar Bonavena, a friend of Joe Conforte and said to have been involved with Conforte’s wife Sally in an affair, was shot to death at the ranch by one of the bodyguards there.

With the Ranch losing a tax fraud case, Joe Conforte fled the United States for Brazil and leaves the brothel closed off for three months and sold at an auction. The next owner, a holding company had the same financial problem, lost a federal fraud case in 1999. This time, the Mustang Ranch closed their doors and was forfeited to the government.

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Mustang Ranch nowadays

In 2003, a brothel owner, Lance Gilman bought the buildings of the Mustang Ranch off an auction and relocated them to his own adult resort and spa close nearby. He renovated the buildings and reinstated Mustang Ranch as the 2nd brothel on his estate.

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