Get To Date Hot Girls With These Online Dating Tactics

Getting dates online can be pretty harsh and disappointing. But with the right mindset and the right tools at your hand, you can beat it and get dates with hot girls.

Online dating is pretty hard for most people. They don’t get replies from men and women they actually like and receive messages from less than desirable prospects. Constantly scouting around for girls to date can go hard on you. Which is why we’re here to help you out with some neat tips and get you the dates you want.

Social media has already had an effect on our lives that we rarely realize. It has become an integral part of our identity and how people perceive us. With it, we have the ability to censor and make ourselves seem more attractive. Once you’ve developed the ideal profile and upped your messages and conversations, you’ll be getting a lot more dates. In this article, I’m going to share some advice on how you can turn yourself into a top guy on a dating site or a social media site.

#1 Use a Positive Language

Be mindful of the words you use on your profile and in your conversation. Keep them positive and optimistic and talk about things you love to do. Share your passions, your dreams, and your highest aspirations.

Positivity is important because, in its first phase, online dating is kind of like window shopping. People naturally want what’s best for themselves. Anything that comes through as negative or sour will just make women skip on getting to know you. So be sure that you don’t voice your negative opinions too much even if you feel like you’re right.

#2 Have Great Photos and Keep Your Albums Clean

Your photos are a chance to show off your best side, so do it! Show them your smile and your eyes from up close and make it your profile picture. Also, avoid making pictures with sunglasses your profile picture. Focus on your upper body if you don’t work out too much. If you do, then show off from top to bottom, but keep your shirt on.

If you have any shirtless photos on your social media profile than delete or at least hide them. Also, if have any messy party photos, they have to go too. It’s okay that you had some good times with your friends or other girls, but having them up there doesn’t really help your chances of getting laid.

Quick Info:  You can find more info about what kind of images to use and not to use in this article I wrote about Tinder:

#3 Keep Your Bio and Posts But Powerful

Don’t go about it thinking that „oh I’m not good at talking about myself”. If you’re not much of a writer, you can still put together a decent bio. Just think about the strengths and attributes you want to focus on. Get a few keywords together and use them in your bio.

#4 Be Witty But Don’t Try To Be Too Funny

Being a bit witty and pulling a few jokes has a high chance of making you much more attractive, because of one simple fact. You’re not boring. But it’s also good to check if what you write is really funny or not. You can do that by showing it to a friend or someone who will read it out loud. Or read it out yourself and see how you feel about it. The main thing is to make sure that your joke doesn’t seem forced or offensive.

#5 Don’t Push Any Taboo Topics

Maybe you have a specific political view or which group you’re a part of. It has nothing to do with dating and doesn’t belong on your profile. Even if you support the legalization of Marijuana, it shouldn’t be an introduction to your date.

#6 Focus More on Her Than On Yourself

If she asks about what you do or a personal story, by all means, tell her. But otherwise, it’s much better to focus on her when you’re engaging in a conversation. Hear what she has to say and what she might imply and answer to that. Ask her thoughtful questions about herself and focus only on her personality during the first few conversations. Only say things that you’re comfortable with saying to someone in person.

#7 Respond Within 20 Hours

If you’re busy when she texted you, you don’t have to reply right away. Tell her that you’ll be back later and wait about 20 hours to send her a message. It will tell her that you’re leading an active life and you’re still eager to meet her, not desperate.


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