The Most Erotic Cities All Around The World


Let’s face it, tourism isn’t what it used to be anymore. What started like casual sightseeing quickly evolved into searching for the place where all the fun is. And, as the idea of fun is different from a person the person, the world has become an immense showcase for every delight imaginable to man.

For those who prefer to spend their holidays in search of more carnal pursuits, here is a short list of the cities that any respectable sex-tourist has to travel to.


Rightfully known as the sex-capital of the world, it is known fact that in Amsterdam you can buy your fresh prostitute right from behind a window. The best thing about it is that sexy girl from all over the world flock there to practice their trade and the variety of options may be somewhat overwhelming. They are also organized in the world’s first “Prostitute Union”, so it doesn’t really get safer than that.

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Thailand’s heat is enough to make you start undressing, but just wait until you see the girls. And, they have a reputation of being available, as available as it gets if you know what I mean.

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Among the most unconventional attractions of Bangkok, we have to mention its strange outlook on ping-pong balls and its open attitude toward transsexuals. For these and many other reasons it attracts millions of tourists every year and people from all over the planet mix together and has a lot of fun.



Famous for its history and culture, Vienna doesn’t seduce people all over the world only through exquisite cuisine and concert halls. It is one of the most famous erotic cities on the globe with classy sexual entertainment venues and vintage cabarets and variety shows.

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Hot girls from Eastern Europe usually head to Vienna to offer their skills in the art of transitory love and, due to the open-minded nature of its people, services are available to satisfy the wildest fantasies.


Rio de Janeiro

Mixing together hot bodies and dreamy natural settings, Rio is the definition of exotic. The famous Carnival gives you an immediate idea of the freedom of the people and of their easy-going attitudes. If you add to it the throbbing of the nightlife and of the club scene, you could as well touch the eroticism. Brazil is also well-known for its violence though so you have to keep your eyes open.



Paris is not a very friendly city when it comes to sex-tourism as prostitution is still illegal in France and the French are not really very open to foreigners. But its unique charm cannot be denied and people still go there expecting to magically fall in love.

If not with a person, with the city itself. It is its air of sophistication and refinement that made it famous and it has a lot of attracting nightclubs and fancy bars that make it worth your while.


Las Vegas

If you are set on sinning, Vegas is the place to go. The city has a reputation for wanting to take all of your money, but it usually has a lot of things to offer if you know what you want. The night scene is more focused on the gambling and shows, but sexual opportunities linger at every corner. The great thing about this city is that anything can happen, you can leave with a ring on your finger or with the fulfillment of your hottest dreams.

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These are not, of course, all of the cities where you can experience erotic bliss, but they are the ones that stand out. As people become more open in their attitude towards sexuality, who knows which city may become the next sexual Mecca.


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