Avoid These Mistakes To Find the Perfect Girl in a Brothel

Going to a brothel and having some sweet sex is one of the easiest things in the world. At first, it seems just like going to the supermarket and buying what you want. Yet things can still get a bit complicated when you think about quality. If you’ve paid for sex a couple of times already, you know that there are a lot of factors involved. Choosing a girl isn’t just about looks alone. It is often more unpredictable adventure than it seems. Prostitutes don’t have portfolios or datasheets you can look at before you pay them. So, even this simple thing might involve complications.

Some venues might end up scamming you or just spoiling the experience in general. As long as you have the money in your hands, you’re holding the cards. Even if you’ve enjoyed the company of many prostitutes or none there’s something new to learn. Which is why we composed this list of the most common mistakes guys makes on their trip. Finding the perfect girl will make your night a much more awesome experience. So, without further ado, let’s make it happen!

The First Mistake – Putting Your Standards Lower

You shouldn’t settle anything less than a high-quality service if you’re paying for it. Not only that, but you should definitely choose a girl who suits you perfectly. A dream girl that will take you on a ride that you’ll never forget. You have some things standing in the way of that experience. Your insecurity being one.If you go to any sex bar, you’ll see a lot of girls that the receptionist recommends. Pretty often, she isn’t the one for you. Which is why you can ask the madam to call the rest of the crew. Now, you have almost 20 girls standing in line, looking for your affection. All of them look pretty amazing, but in some cases, you might not find the one that catches your eye.

With so many beautiful women standing in line and staring at you, there’s a lot of pressure. Many guys who are socially awkward would just choose one and be done with it. But don’t be that guy! If you really didn’t find the perfect girl, then keep your money in your pocket and move on. There are plenty of places to visit and the night is long.

The Second Mistake – Choosing The Wrong Venue

There are plenty of venues to choose from when you’re looking for beautiful women. You can go to a blowjob bar, strip club, sex bar, massage saloon, go-go girl club and more. Which one you go to, should depend on the service you’re looking for. If you want to have a good conversation, I would recommend a therapist. If you want to enjoy a unique sexual experience, then any of the above. Whether you want a professional blowjob or a professional Nuru massage, always choose the right venue. You can get either from a regular prostitute, but it’s unlikely that she’ll have the skills for it. Always choose your venues depending on what service you’re looking for.

The Third Mistake – Taking Unnecessary Bull#hit

Many of the girls are incredibly charming at nice at first, right until they have your money in their hands. If you see them suddenly take their mask off and start acting bitchy (pun intended), you don’t have to take it. They might start to complain right away or just behave in an unsupportive way. Brothels aren’t the places guys go to take some bullshit for the money they pay. Some girls are a just unpleasant company to be with, even if they’re irresistibly sexy. So don’t be shy and ask for your money back before you get started with the action. Just be sure not to do it when you’re 10 minutes into the action.

The Fourth Mistake – Falling For The Marketing Trick

Just like girls on social media, prostitutes can get really tricky with their pictures. Most decent brothels have a website you can visit. These sites usually have some info on all the girls you can visit. Usually, they have plenty of pictures and a list of the services a girl provides. Most of the photos went through plenty of editing with the intention to make them look as good as possible. Which is why some girls look completely different in real life. You could end up deciding to go see one, only to find out that she isn’t who you were looking forward to. She might have an n extra 10 kilograms of weight, a not so pretty face or something else. In these cases, I don’t have to stress the fact that you can just cancel and walk away. There’s no point in enjoying her company if you feel like you’ve been tricked.

A lot of girls make plenty of money this way because more people come to them. Some guys that feel pressured into this situation will go with it anyway. So in the end, their strategy proves to be very fruitful.

Quick Fact: You might come across ladyboy’s during your night out. Here’s a short guide that will help you spot them before you would walk up to them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y-yUOCib9E


Going to a foreign country to have some fun will probably cost you a lot of money. The plane tickets and the accommodation are enough in itself. The third most expensive investment in your trip will be the girls you visit. So be reasonable about where you spend your money. Don’t settle for anything less than having your sexiest dreams become a reality!

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