How Website Colors Influence a Brothels Success


Having an eye-catching appearance is very important for all the websites ont he internet. There is no difference with a brothel website. If the homepage has an attractive style, the visitors will spend their time browsing it with interest. When the style is dull, the visitors tend to leave earlier.

The most preferred colours on kontaktbar websites are blue, red and black. Brothel Chez Nous has a blue background. The name of the night club is written in Golden letters at the top of the page. The text of the website is written in white. Most of the smaller Austrian brothels’ primary – and in many cases – only language is German, so it’s a big advantage if you are good at German. There are a few menus on the site, such as photo gallery, about the girls, how to get there and there is a chance to leave feedback too.

Okaybar’s website uses grey as background colour. The text is written in light letters. It seems to me that this site improved quite a lot, since I last visited it. Among the menus, you’ll find photos and videos too. You can take a look at the interior of the bar by a few photos. There is a job and a kontakt menu on the site too. You can see some of the girls and if you click “Private you’ll find some of them riding on dicks. The logo of the bar has too colours. The name of the brothel is written in white and a silhouette of a girl lying on her black is red. This site was a nice experience to see again.

Romantic Bar’s website has a black background. The main menu is written in red. The rest of the text is displayed in red, white and green.

Among all of the visited sites Maxim Wien’s page seemed to be the best. Its background is blue with white text. It’s a very well-established site containing photos of the interior and the girls working at the bar. Their service list is also can be found if you are curious enough what they can offer. It is available in numerous languages.

Brothels begin to realize that their stylish online surface can bring a lot of clients to them. Probably that’s why some of the clubs started to improve their websites.

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