The Largest and Most Famous Brothels On All Continents


Brothels have been a reality of the daily existence of many peoples since the dawn of civilization and our modern world continues this tradition triumphantly. As progress touches on every aspect of humanity and as everything tends to get, if not better, at least larger, today we can witness the blossoming of some brothels into true pleasure factories that astonish not only by their size and number of customers, but also by their facilities and innovative features. So let’s have a look at some of the biggest brothels on the five continents.


germany-pascha-brothelThere are many brothels in Europe and the competition is tight for the title of best brothel, but the largest one is easy to spot probably even from space. Its name is Pascha, it is located in Germany, Cologne and it was opened in 1972 when the city decided to move all of the prostitutes from the old city center in a building where it can keep its eye on them.

One hundred and twenty sexy girls from all over the world found a job there and they cater to the urges of more than 1000 customers per day. The girls work independently and they have meals and medical care included in the price of the rooms. The brothel also contains a nightclub, several bars, a floor reserved for transsexuals and one for low-cost services.



mustang-ranchThe Mustang Ranch or the Mustang Bridge Ranch, as it was originally named, is a brothel in Storey County, Nevada. Although nowadays it’s just a shadow of what it once was, it is still one of the largest brothels in the USA and it remains a legend of world prostitution.

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It was famous for spanning over 67 ha and for its overwhelming variety of beautiful women. Presently, its confines have shrunk a little, but it can still boast with the beauty of its ladies. Unlike the Pascha in Europe, it is open for feminine clientele as well.


As there are not many governments that tolerate prostitution in Asia, brothels aren’t that popular either. However, some countries do have a red-lights district and the biggest of them all is located in India, Kolkata and is named Sonagachi.

It is estimated that over 11,000 sex workers are hard at work there and, as India has a large population that needs to be satisfied, this number is growing. HIV and human trafficking are a serious problem though and numerous NGO are trying to educate people against STDs.



Some would argue that the biggest brothel in Africa is Africa itself, but that wouldn’t be fair. Being a leader in world problems, Africa has failed to produce a worthy brothel complete with quality services for the clients and medical care and protection for the sex workers. Even in the few countries where prostitution is legal like Cote d’Ivoire or Ethiopia, brothels are still illegal.


Some of the finest brothels in the world are located in Australia and it may come as no surprise that the business is expanding. Stiletto, an already successful establishment has announced its plans of expanding by doubling the number of its rooms from 20 to 40. The Sidney City Council wasn’t that happy about it at first, but as no one can stand between a man and his hooker, it had to let go.

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As legalized prostitution becomes the norm in more and more countries around the world, we may expect new and bigger brothels popping up in the near future. A higher competition will, of course, drive the workers towards better services and it is safe to say that the sex industry has yet to fulfill its potential.


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