Who are Kathoeys and How They Strive for Their Freedom


Kathoey originated in Thailand, as a term to describe transgender males or extremely feminine gay males. In the English language the term took the form of “Ladyboy”.

What being a Kathoey means?

Some consider that being a Kathoey means that you belong in a third gender. However, because most of them are born as a male or female and try their best to transform into the opposite gender, they most likely belong to the genders established ages ago.

While some Kathoey males only use make-up or dresses to resemble to what they see themselves as and still keep their body intact, others go as far as plastic surgery. Breast implants, silicone injections and female hormones, all of these are the tools that a Ladyboy needs to come as close as they can to how they view themselves.

Despite the fact that all over the world, people with different sexual beliefs or orientations are viewed badly and treated as such, in Thailand, Kathoeys are highly accepted as they can be seen everywhere without being judged or treated badly. Most of them took jobs that require the attention to details of women, such as in beauty salons, restaurants, cabaret and last but not least as brothel-girls.

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Even though sex-changing operations are not banned or viewed differently in Thailand, changing the legal sex is strictly forbidden, thus it can result in various situations. For example, if ladyboys that have had sex-changing surgery are sentenced to spend time in prison, they will be put next to all the males, with no exception.

Kathoeys in brothels

Regardless of their previous sex, Kathoeys are more than capable of providing high-quality sex to paying clients. Their experience of both sexes gives them superior knowledge over “regular” females in the matter of what a man truly desires.  If you have the chance to visit such a brothel, you should definitely try one of these Ladyboys.

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All in all, the advancement of medical technology is for the best of everyone. Even if it is used to help a person to show on the outside how she or he feels on the inside.

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