5 Solid Tips For Picking Up Girls in Bars

How to shine in the bar

Picking up women in bars has become a crucial skill for almost every man in the modern society. Most of the dating scene revolves around bars and nightclubs and a man has to know the proper etiquette in order to be successful in his pursuits. There are many articles and books written on the subject and the more information you get the more results you will see, but here is a basic survival guide for any man who adventures into bars and doesn’t want to go home alone.

Be confident

Don’t even bother going to a bar with the purpose of getting a girl if you don’t have the right attitude about yourself. Make sure you are comfortable in your own shoes and that you reached a stage in your life where you like who you’ve become and aren’t afraid to be judged. This way you won’t be too preoccupied with what women think about you and you will put out an air of nonchalance and casualness that is basic if you want to strike up a conversation with a member of the opposite sex.

Know your limits

It’s a good idea, especially if you are at the beginning, not to go after women who are out of your league. Of course, we are all on the lookout for sexy girls, but you have to keep it real. You are not searching for a long time life partner, you are there to have some fun and you have to admit that any erection-inducing girl will do. Biting off more than you can chew will only lower your self-esteem and make you look ridiculous to the other girls in the bar.

Make eye contact

You can usually figure out if someone is interested in you just by making eye contact. But after that, unless you are in some kind of sex nightclub, where girls approach you themselves, it is up to you to make a move. As in all social situation, the first impression weighs heavily on the whole experience so be sure to get it right. You should steer clear of pick-up lines, try to be original and make up personal ways of approaching a girl. Some of them may be stupid and you may fail at first, but having the guts to be original will pay off.


Keep it going

Once you broke the silence, try your best to build up an interesting and funny conversation that will make her more attracted to you. You have to avoid serious subjects like work and politics, you have to show her that you are a funny and clever guy and that she will have a lot of fun with you. Come up with interesting stories and observations, but remember not to ask her too many personal questions or to compliment her excessively. It is very important to always show that you are in control and that she has a chance to go home with the leader of the pack if she is lucky enough.

Ask for the digits

A few minutes of chitchat will be enough to get her interested in you. If everything is going well, move in for the kill and ask for her number. If she gives it to you, it means you did great and you can tap yourself on the back. If she doesn’t, there’s no need to panic, she just wasn’t impressed. Move on to the next girl and try to do a better job next time.

This is it basically, it all comes down to confidence, common sense and conversation skills. Just keep in mind that practice makes perfect and you will get more successful if you keep at it. And, who knows, some day maybe you will go home with the cherry on the cake.

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