Simple Tricks You Can Do To Last Longer in Bed

The subject of premature ejaculation is a very popular one and there are thousands of articles trying to offer the best possible solutions. The truth is that it is all about mental toughness and every one of us can learn to get better at sex and finally be a sex champion if we are ready to put some work into it.

Why would you want to ejaculate late?

First of all you should really clarify your goals. Most people are very self-conciouss about their sexual performance because they want to please their partner. But you should take into account that there are many ways to please your partner, including oral sex and toys, and just the fact that you ejaculates fast doesn’t mean that your partner has to be left without an orgasm.

Also, the normal sexual performance of a man lasts between five to ten minutes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe it’s not that you are are a fast cummer, maybe it takes her too long to orgasm. A sexual act doesn’t consist just of the penetration itself, but if that’s your favourite part, you may be happy to know that there are ways to make it last as long as you want.

The drugs love you

The fastest way is to take advantage of the wonders medicine has to offer. All the respectable brands offer condoms that prolong ejaculation and they are tested and safe to use. It depends also on how your body responds to it. Other drugs include Viagra and Prozac but, as with all drugs, you have to think about the effects they will have in the long run and take into consideration the risk of developing an immunity to them.

If you are a more adventurous type, it may interest you to know that a more unorthodox use of Lidocaine is also for longer hardons. It is actually an anesthetic and if you rub it on the penis it will make it less sensitive and thus less disposed to ejaculate. It will reduce the pleasure also though, so it means sacrificing your pleasure for hers.

Keep fit

While mental and physical fitness will undoubtedly help with your sexual performance, you have to keep in mind that there is a muscle controlling your penis and it has to be in shape too. It’s called the pubococcygeus muscle and you have to exercise it any time you can, while masturbating or even urinating. You will gradually gain control over it and it will increase your potency greatly. There are many articles and books on this subject so feel free to look more into it.

Practise makes perfect

To become a master at any given subject you have to practice. You would think that everyone is good at sex, at least anyone who loves sex, but it is not necessarily so. Sex is an art and giving and receiving pleasure is an acquired skill.

Why else would we have professional sex workers? Sex clubs exist precisely because they can offer pleasures that are not in the grasp of just anyone. You too have to work on improving your sexual technique and constantly think about how to find new ways to satisfy you and your partner. It is not about quantity, but more about quality so keep an eye out for tips and tricks about sexual prowess.

Accept yourself

You have to understand that sexual performance is about attitude and you have to keep a positive one. Stress is a big factor in sexual problems and low sexual performance can cause even more stress, until you get yourself caught in a vicious circle. Premature ejaculation can be mastered, but in the time it takes you to master it you have to remember that there are many ways to attain sexual fulfillment.

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