How To Use Food To Spice Up Your Sex Life


Sex and food. Two of our most basic needs. Two of our biggest pleasures. Some would argue it is only natural to combine them and the result would be a Hiroshima of pleasure. But, to ensure you get the most out of it, we’ll show you some of the best methods in which to add food play to your sex life.

The facts

First we have to draw a line between erotic food play and aphrodisiacs. They are not the same, but sometimes they get mixed up. Aphrodisiacs are any kind of substance that enhance sexual desire and prowess.

From ancient times into the present some foods are famous for inflaming one’s sexual urges and these may range from raw oysters and seeds to strange concoctions with tiger penis in it. Needless to say, some of them are based on myth and you should always employ common sense when trying to use them.

A party of one

Although sex is decisively better with a partner, sometimes by choice or circumstance you will be gratifying yourself. And, some edible products have been our partners in crime for a long time. Although dildos and fleshlights have been around since ancient times, people still continue to resort to natural products for pleasure.

For women basically every fruit or vegetable that looks like a penis can do the trick. But you would be surprised by the inventiveness of some people and many strange shaped foods have found their way in the tightest of places, like potatoes and oranges and salamis. Men have less options, but American Pie introduced a lot of horny teenagers to the joy of baking.

Sexual hors d’oeurves

If you like the idea of using food as an entrée for your sexual experience, but not actually using it during sex, there are many dishes that can get you in the mood. As far as special sexual desire enhancing properties of any food go, the truth is that all healthy food enhances sexual appetite, although some gained a reputation for sexual energy catalyzers like saffron or ginseng.

It is more safe to use dishes that inspire sexual desire like naturally designed phallic foods some of which being turnips, cucumbers, asparagus, fig, peach, mango and pomegranate. Some spices are also very conducting like cinnamon, basil or licorice. Or you can share foods that relate to your history together or deserts specially designed at erotic bakeries.


Putting your hands in the dough

As the old saying goes, if you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. It may get a little messy, but the experiences are unique. A classic approach is dripping chocolate sauce onto your partner’s body and then licking it clean. Champagne may also be used, just be careful not to spill it.

Or you can soak any desired member of your body in champagne and let your partner suck it dry. You can insert small tasty fruit like strawberries or cherries into secret places and then nibble gently at them. Talking about popping the cherry, right? Or we can fill a bathtub with milk and indulge in the soft extravagance. The possibilities are countless and all it takes is a little imagination and open-mindedness. Bon appetit!

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