How To Make Your Ejaculation Even Better


Sexual proficiency takes a lot of work to achieve, for a woman as well as for a man. There are many skills to be mastered and while a strong, bountiful ejaculation is not one of the crucial ones, it may still prove beneficial for one’s sex life.

It increases the pleasure of the man as it means a more powerful orgasm and it may be regarded as a feat of strength that will also improve his self-esteem. For a woman, a man with a heavy flow can mean the difference between a stallion and a mule, and as is the case for the penis size, it doesn’t matter the most, but it still does matter.

Keep fit

If you have any kind of erectile dysfunctions or problems concerning ejaculation, before rushing to the doctor you should probably examine your lifestyle more closely. Healthy eating habits and regular training is of paramount significance for optimum performances between the sheets.

Before any other treatment, you have to concentrate on keeping these aspects of your life under control and improve your general body state. Heavy drinking and smoking obviously aren’t of any help and while quitting these habits is not as easy as it sounds, reducing them would benefit you greatly.

Visit the Drugstore

Luckily for us we live in a day and age where there are drugs for almost every affliction that torments us, be it real or imaginary. There are many supplements you can take and amino acids and zinc are some of the most famous for increasing the amount of your ejaculation fluid and your sperm count and mobility.

You can also use specially created volume pills that achieve the greatest result in the shortest period of time, but you have to keep in mind that although they are advertised as being 100% natural, they were still created in a lab and you may expect side effects.

If you want to go full out natural you can try eating certain foods that have a reputation for increasing manliness in general not only semen volume. The most popular are celery, pumpkin seeds, and horny goat weed or epimedium sagittatum, but of course, nobody can really testify for them.

Kegel Exercises

Most people have heard of these exercises as being used by women, but they also have their male counterpart. The pubococcygeus or PC muscles are the muscles you use when you stop yourself from urinating mainstream.

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This is also a good way to find them and once you have a good grip on them you can start exercising as they can also control your flow of semen and the firmness of your penis. Work them out daily and you’ll be shooting like a pro in no time.

Kegel exercises for men


Edging is a sexual technique meant to make you experience a mind-blowing orgasm while also flooding your house. Its purpose is not to increase your power of ejaculation in general, the extensive cumshot is more like a side effect of the process.

The act itself consists of having your penis stimulated until you reach the edge of orgasm and then stopping abruptly, just to resume a few minutes later. The more you repeat the more semen will gather up until you’ll blow higher and mightier than Mount Vesuvius itself, possibly sending your sexy girlfriend or anyone on its way through the wall.

If we take into account that we now have a record for the farthest male ejaculation, we must agree that male ejaculation is not only a pleasure but, also a feat and a force to be reckoned with. Leaving all jokes aside, a healthy ejaculation can keep a man proud of his sexual prowess and his partner satisfied as well.

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