How The World Cup Is Affecting Your Sex Life

With the World Cup moving so many people around the world, it’s only natural to expect that there’s going to be a lot of heat. People will go all out in the stadiums, pubs and possibly their bedrooms. However, people’s sex lives might not be so spiced up from this event. Even though the World Cup is a massive cultural movement even in Vienna, it affects every couple’s sex life differently.

But exactly what kind of effect does it have? Well, that depends on what team you’re cheering for and what kind of relationship you have. In one case, it isn’t too good for a relationship as you would expect. Most of the time, when a guy is watching the game at the pub, her girlfriend stays home or does something else. Later that night, the man will come home tips, he’ll eat something and go to bed. He might have way too many beers.

We have even invented the word ‘football widow’ for this. You can find it in the urban dictionary, and it stands for when a woman temporarily faces the death of her relationship during football season. A home will get pretty lonely if a man watches every game. Furthermore, it’s kind of hard to manage work, responsibilities, watch football and have a decent relationship at the same time. In that case, sex doesn’t come out on top of the priority list. When a guy is so emotionally focused on football, a lot of times he doesn’t have any more space left.

The truth is, during the world cup, sex is the very last thing on people’s minds.

When Both Man and Woman Are Into Football

Things can be very different if both man and woman are invested in the football game. It suddenly turns into something they can both enjoy together. Few things in your living room can get your adrenaline pumping more than an intense football match. Either you’ll celebrate the victory or try to console each other after a loss.

But not everyone can jump right into bed and have sex once the game is finished. There is a grieving period after the loss for some. In that case, sexy time would be highly inappropriate. In other cases, the win provides more joy than sex could, so it’s unnecessary. But you can still get a lot happier, so opting for sex is a wise move. In case of a loss, it maybe isn’t healthy to f#ck your negative emotions away. Then it’s time to leave it for a bit and come back to sex later.

Man and woman watching football

Football definitely takes up a lot of mental space in your life, most of which you have left for sex. So it’s quite evident that it throws your emotions off balance too. You won’t think too much about sex when you have so much else going on.


So does football doom your sex life? Absolutely not. Does it take time, energy and attention away from it? Possibly. It definitely is true that people’s emotions are closer to surface events. When they are so focused in on something, there’s a high chance that sex, a relationship and a lot of other things get left out of the picture.

However, when you’re jumping from joy thanks to the win and you’re turning it into sex, will definitely kick things up a notch. Just keep in mind that the World Cup is very important, but sex is just as important. Respect your girlfriend or go to a brothel whenever you feel like it, just remember to keep things balanced.

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