How Girls In a Brothel Want You To Treat Them

Besides a few inconsiderate assholes, most people know how to behave. We have some basic rules of ethics when we go to a restaurant, catch an uber or stand in line. We don’t skip in front of people, leave tips and smile politely when we talk to a receptionist. Tere are specific guidelines on how to behave well and be polite. But how is a person supposed to act in front of a sex worker? What are you supposed to say to the ladies when you go into a brothel? When could you ask for a discount from a prostitute to whom you have been a loyal customer? Exactly how handsy can you get when you’re receiving a lap dance.

You have to be considerate of the men and women who work in the sex industry. They offer up their body for your enjoyment, so it’s the least you can do. But what are you actually supposed to do and not do? How handsy can you get when a stripper is grinding down on your lap?

To answer all of these questions, we heard the opinions of strippers and sex workers. So, without further ado, let’s get down to establishing a proper behavior you can practice in the brothel.

What Sex Workers Say About How You Should Treat Them

Let’s see what the sex workers who have worked for 5-15 years in the industry, have to say. They probably had all kinds of experiences during these years.

Respect Their Boundaries

First thing’s first, it’s important to respect a person’s boundaries. Strippers are strippers, not prostitutes. So, don’t expect them to show off their pussies or dicks right away, or even show it off at all. The whole point of a striptease is to leave the most exciting parts of your imagination.

Secondly, most sex workers will tell you what they would or wouldn’t do. If they won’t have sex without a condom, then don’t try to slip it off when they’re not looking. It’s important for them to be comfortable with you as well.

When it comes to strippers, only touch them if they ask for it with a signal. If they put your hand on them, then it’s fine. But don’t just go on and grab hold of male strippers dick from your excitement. And there’s no pussy touching in case of female strippers either. It’s not that touching is forbidden, but the stripper decides when you can touch what.

Another simple but important rule is, to stay in your seat! Don’t stand up and try to dance with the stripper. Just sit and enjoy the show. It’s hard to strip for completely drunk guys who can’t even situ p right. The less you can hold back any of the stunts you might do, the more likely it is that the stripper will just pack her things and go.

Don’t Hire a Stripper To Embarrass Somebody

A lot of friends like to hire a stripper for a birthday party, which is fine. But some do it for their shy friend or girlfriend who doesn’t know how to handle it. They act awkward and shy all the way because they’re really uncomfortable with the experience. The others just watch it and laugh, but they forget that this is uncomfortable for the stripper as well. It’s hard for them to perform if the person they’re dancing for isn’t cooperative. Don’t put them in an uncomfortable position if you don’t have to.

Fun Fact: One of the strippers interviewed by VICE said that she even got dropped from a guy’s shoulder during a bachelor party. You can read about it and other stories here:

Practice Good Hygiene

Always be fresh and clean when you’re visiting a brothel or a sex worker. Prepare yourself as if you were going on your first date with somebody. Make sure that you’re well-groomed and that your breath is a breeze of fresh air. Smell nice, be nice and wear a condom as well. Practicing good hygiene and looking good will make the experience much better for a sex worker. It’s a way of showing some respect to her as well.

Don’t Try To Be Their Savior

Some guys are nice enough to want to know more about the sex worker they’re doing business with. They spend about half an hour getting to know them, asking more personal questions than they should. They want to know whether the prostitute is doing her job voluntarily. All of that is nice but, it really isn’t helping.

After having sex, a lot of guys tend to tell them that they’re so cute and smart. A girl like her really shouldn’t do this and find a normal job instead. Even though this comes from a good place, it isn’t helping either. It is pretty annoying for a sex worker because it only reflects that she’s not taken seriously. A lot of sex workers are professional and are serious about the work they do, so you should respect that.

Asking a sex worker what she likes isn’t making her job much more fun either. Even though sex is about both parties enjoyment, sex work isn’t. The best thing you can do to help a sex worker is to be specific about what you want. Articulate it as well as you can and be straightforward about what turns you on. You’re participating in a business transaction.


Naked woman posing seductively.

Stripper’s and sex workers jobs are to please your sexual desires for money. It’s as simple as that and there’s no need to complicate it. Be respectful towards them as you would be to any other girl or guy you meet during your day. I hope that you’ll have more fun and pleasant nights after reading through this article. Stay safe!




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