The Most Famous Prostitutes in the History of Man Kind



There has been a large number of famous prostitutes throughout our history.

Aspasia lived in the era of the Athenian statesman Pericles and was a remarkable persona of the society. She was born at the cost of Asia and arrived in Athens in the 5thcentury BC. There she was considered to be an alien. She was well educated in the art of conversation.

She knew exactly how to entertain properly. She also met Pericles. She was not allowed to get married to an Athenian citizen, she lived with Pericles as one of her concubines and they had a child together. According to the scholars Aspasia was a brothel keeper and a whore. She was mentioned in the art of many philosophers of the era as well.

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Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane was American and born in 1852. When she was 12, she became an orphan together with her younger siblings and she had to take the responsibility of taking care of them. She learned how to ride a horse and shoot properly and became known as Calamity Jane.

She had average jobs such as cook, nurse, miner but she also was a prostitute. She became famous for her shooting and riding skills even after she died in 1903.

Sally Salisbury

Her real name was Sarah Pridden and she was a reputable prostitute in the brothels of the 18thcentury in London. Due to her wit and beauty, she attracted a lot of costumes from the aristocracy.  In 1722 she stabbed a costumer and was sentenced to prison where she died after a few months.

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Sada Abe

She lived in Japan and was well-known by erotically asphyxiating her costumes in brothels.  She worked in Osaka’s brothel district. She took the money from her costumes without their acknowledgment, so she became a thief. Soon she was caught thanks to the good organization of the brothel system.

In 1936 she asphyxiated one of her clients, then cut off his penis and testicles and ran off with them. The story became a sensation in Japan and influenced writers, philosophers and different artists including movie producers.

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