The True Beauty Erotic Art Holds



Erotic art is considered to be every artistic work that includes scenes of making love or that induce erotic arousal. It is comprised of paintings, drawings, writing, sculptures, photographs and music.

Defining erotic art is difficult because of the change of perception regarding what is artistic as well as what is erotic. While some may view a sculpture of a phallus as a symbol of potency and strength, others may see it as pure erotic art.

A distinction has to be made between erotic art and pornography, even though they both aim to please the sexual eye and to invoke erotic arousal, pornography is not considered art. With a thin line between them it is hard to confuse one with another so keep in mind that even though pornography uses the same tools of arousal that erotic art uses, pornography has the sole purpose to arouse one sexually. On the other hand, erotic art is all about perception and how you view it.

Many of the brothel-girls are familiarized with erotic art and how they can use it to enhance the experience your experience as a client in a brothel.

A history of erotic art

Many cultures have created forms or erotic art, even from the Paleolithic era (cave paintings and carvings). The ancient Greek painted sex scenes on their pottery, with many same-sex relations. The Moche culture in Peru are another ancient population that sculpted detailed scenes of sex into their ceramics.

Eastern culture also has a long tradition of erotic art in the form of paintings. In Japan, “shunga” took form in the 13th century and grew in popularity until the apparition of photography. China also had their own share of erotic art, while in India Kama-Sutra, the world famous sex manual, took the title of the oldest and most known collection instruction for sexual intercourse.

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Erotic art in modern times

As it has been pointed out before, the eye that views and appreciates art is in a constant change, thus broadening the general view on art. Artists now have a larger variety to choose from, such as fetish, hentai, pinup and many other genres that includes all the elements that erotic art has.

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