How a Gentleman Wears For a Trip To The Brothel


What to wear in brothels?

When you go to a brothel, you have to take into consideration your clothes that you will wear. Most of the places don’t require wearing the suit from their clients, but it’s basic to be clean and tidy. If you wear everyday clothes you will be let into most of the brothels. Of course, probably the more quality clothes you wear the higher level of respect you’ll get from the staff and the girls as well.

Dress code for clients

Of course, it’s not appropriate to wear dirty clothes in a brothel just like it’s not proper to wear dirty clothes anywhere else you go. The best brothels in Wien hold special events from time to time. For these occasions, you can wear more casual clothes than a pair of jeans. When you put on a suit, you can feel more than comfortable during the night.

Dress code for the girls

The brothers give a dress code to the girls too, as they have to be as seductive as they can be. Obviously, if a girl wants to work in a brothel on the long run, she will spend quite a lot of her money on seductive lingerie. It’s her own interest and the brothels also want the girls to attract as many clients as they can.

Therefore the girls will buy the sexiest night clothes. They will have more than one set of collection of these clothes as they sometimes dance on the stage and then go to the room for sex with the client. And every client deserves a different nightie, garters, stilettos, bras, and panties. It’s obvious the more seductive they appear, the more money they will make.

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If you want to be very sure about the dress code and don’t want to make a mistake it’s worth checking the homepages of the brothels in this regard too.

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