Does your wife scream during sex?

Everyone has sex. However, not everyone feels the same joy when having sex. Some do it just for the sake of sex, some do it out of respect for their chosen partner while others love having sex.

The people which have sex because they love it, are the people who know what screaming during sex really means. They managed to get over the “moaning” step and reach the peak of Mt. Orgasm.

The meaning of sexual screams

Screaming during sex is often associated with pleasure beyond comprehension. While most men made a lot of women moan, making them scream is a bit more difficult. Screams of pleasure, obviously.

Women often find themselves in the position of not sharing what they really want during sex. What they need to reach orgasm. Also, there are men not yet ready to listen to them and to get better at sex.

For example, it’s quite easy for a brothel-girl to reach a state where she screams during sex. Not only that it might actually be her instinct during sex, but it’s also an ego-boost for their client. Brothels are often the solution to regaining trust in yourself, because brothel-girls are not only trained in the art of sex, but also the art of flirting and having conversations.

How to reach the state of “screaming” during sex?

First of all, both of you have to release all taboos and intimate thoughts. Let her know what you like because in that way she’ll also tell you what she likes, what she enjoys and what she loves. Who knows, maybe you’ll find common fantasies or dirty thoughts.

After this, focus solely on her. Forget about your orgasm, you can always have it. She, on the other hand, might not have experienced orgasm before.

Pay attention to the speed she wants you to move with, during sex. Let her be on top of you for a change. Let her take control.

  • You can find More advice on ” how to make her scream ” HERE. The author states that he is not responsible for your neighbors complaining about the noise so maybe he knows good tips regarding this subject.

The final thing to do is to learn how to enjoy sex. Connect and reconnect with your partner until both of you click and scream because of intense pleasure.

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