The Nonsense Myths We Believe About Prostitutes

If you think about it, there are a lot of things you don’t know about your neighbor and his profession. And you didn’t even have sex with her! The same is true for the girls you meet at the brothel. Even though that from our perspective, it’s pretty simple. We pay them and they have sex with us. Yet there are plenty of things that guys believe about the lives of sex workers that are complete bullshit. A lot of men get their ideas from American movies, Grand Theft Auto and pop culture. Where prostitutes are portrayed as runaways and drug addicts honing the oldest illegal profession in the history of mankind.

As you already know, in many European countries prostitution is completely legal or falls in a legal gray area. Which means there are hundreds of thousands of women who are pursuing prostitution as a legitimate business opportunity. One of the girls told us her story and talked about all the bullshit people tend to think about prostitutes. So today, we’re looking to debunk the most common ones!

It’s Unfair To Women Even If it’s Legal

Well, it’s easy to debunk this even if you only visited a brothel once. Did you notice that you left a few hours-worth of money there for about 20 – 30 minutes? Does that feel fair? My main point is that prostitution isn’t unfair by any means. It is a two-way exploitation at best.

Legal prostitution is completely different from illegal prostitution in its nature. In illegal prostitution, a lot of times girls are actually forced to work. In legal prostitution, the girl has the option to say no as many times as she wants. There is no pimp to force a client on her. She is allowed to choose who she’s willing to work with.

Of course, saying no sometimes just isn’t an option because it could end a girl’s career. Just like it would in any other job. The brothels have their ways to screw girls over, just as any other business does. But at the end of the day, they have health insurance, a social security number, and financial services, because they are working legally.

It’s The Same Boring Thing Every Day

Prostitutes are basically getting fucked every day of their career. Yet this describes a lot of other jobs pretty accurately as well.Brothels have similar meetings as any other company does. When the managers sit down with the employees to talk about numbers. They set sales goals and tell everyone what they need to do in order for the company to advance. Yet these meetings aren’t done in sterile offices and the prostitutes aren’t working in cubicles. Instead, you see 10 hot girls in over the top bikinis mingling and having tea together.

Quick Tip: If you want to be ahead of the curve andhave prostitutes really enjoy your company, check out this post on how to talk to them:

Prostitution Destroys a Girls Self-Esteem

If a girl wants to make big money, her most valuable trait isn’t necessarily her body. It’s her strong self-esteem. Some girls start with a low self-esteem when they become prostitutes and actually end up raising it. They become more comfortable with their bodies because so many people see them naked so often. So prostitution actually helps with some of the self-esteem issues they might have. It also helps them understand that their time and body is valuable. The most important skill for a successful prostitute is to be able to negotiate a high price.

Sex Workers Just Sell Their Bodies

Guys go to a brothel and hire prostitutes to have sex, sure. Whether there is more to a sex worker’s job than just sex, is her decision. Most of the times, they do a lot more than just provide sex. They are counselors and therapists because of the nature of their job. You instantly feel more connected, safer and more like talking to somebody you just shared a bed with. A lot of them find this to be the most amazing in their job. A lot of girls love the ability to help people and to make their days brighter with something else than just their bodies. So next time you visit a prostitute, don’t be shy to talk about the feelings. She might like it if she has the time!

Woman holding her breasts on an erotic photo.

There’s a Hard Core Initiation

It’s easy to think that prostitutes have to take in two dicks at once or do some deepthroating before they start working. But that’s not the case. They just get thrown into the deep water right away and start working. It might be odd for them to handle their first client but they get through with it quickly. Then comes the second one and the rest happens out of routine.

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