The Wildest Sex Toys Ever Created By Man


Sex toys are not a very recent invention, although many may that is the case. It is just that they have much more exposure nowadays, and we are fortunate enough to live in a day and age where there is a product for our every need.

We all need a little stimulation sometimes to spice up our sex life or help us blow off some steam, but some of the sex shops out there have gone a little bit over board with creativity. So here are some of the sexual devices you would better check the manual for before using.

Prince’s wand

It is a hollow metal tube similar in shape with a police nightstick. Its purpose is to be introduced into the urethra and someway stimulate the wearer. It is also sometimes used just as a piece of jewelry, like the Prince Albert piercing.

It is not clear exactly for us how it is supposed to give pleasure, but its price is pretty high as it is difficult to manufacture and procure. Besides, the penis and urethra must be carefully measured before introduction, so whoever is into it must, is in for a bit of a hassle.

The baby Jesus butt plug

It’s a butt plug, so we know exactly where it goes, and it is shaped like a cute pink Baby Jesus. This toy was clearly created in order to attract some media attention by being outrageous, but let’s face it, not even the most hardcore atheists wouldn’t get a kick out of putting a baby-shaped figurine up their bums. Or maybe they would. It may still be a great gift for people who are over preachy about their personal beliefs.

The Tongue Vibrator

This is clearly made with a niche in mind, for all the sexy girls who are cunnilingus enthusiasts. Although a disembodied tongue may seem weird at first glance, it shouldn’t be more gross than a detached penis. It just needs a little time getting used to. I think a good feature for it would be to have a voice and tell you how good you taste and feel.

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OhMYBod Vibrator

It’s basically an iPod connected to a tiny vibrator the size of a tampon. The beats from the iPod make their way into every part, or maybe we should say every crack, of your body, supposedly giving you pleasure at every step you take. I think it is commendable for the way in which it tries to bring together technology, music and sex and almost makes a sex nightclub out of your body.

Kaylani’s Foot Fetish

Everyone is entitled to his or hers fetish and foot fetish is one of to most common and easy to accept ones, but this plastic foot raises some questions. First, it’s just one foot, wouldn’t people get excited for the pair? Second, it is provided with a vagina in the heel of the foot, and it’s just weird how it tries to be creative with human anatomy like that.

Dildo Gas Mask

As the name implies, it’s a gas mask that ends in a big dildo. The trick is that the dildo has a hole at the end of it, so it allows the wearer to enjoy the odors. By far the most disgusting sex toy out there and maybe the craziest one.

If you are not yet completely disgusted by sex by now, the good news is that there are many more such devices that make you wonder where are the good old days when sex was simple and clean. But don’t worry, just because they are out there doesn’t mean people use them on a daily basis. It just shows sex is another outlet for expressing oneself.

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