Canada’s Sex Workers Complain About Cops Messing in Their Business

Rumour has it, and there’s some unapproved of evidence behind it, that cops are interfering with the sex businesses. Canada Cops entitled themselves on a rescue mission to pull out sex workers from brothels.
Uncalled for and uninvitedly police response. After the sudden police outburst, organizations and individuals involved on the other side of the police force written an appeal. The receivers are policemen who took part of Operation Northern Spotlight.

Mission Objective

It’s the concerned mission where they catfish sex workers. The open letter calls off the detectives and officers and their involvement. British Columbia Police is behind it, and they’re operating wide across Canada. The operation is unknown to the public due to its objective.
One of the groups which signed the letter took notice and approached to the cause publicly. Brenda Belak, lawyer of the campaign spoken on behalf of the sex workers. She criticized the police, saying that their initiative is causing a counter-effect.
They think it’s helpful, but it’s the contrary. It can get messier than it actually is, with them sticking noses into other businesses. The entire catfishing work looks like this.
Operation presumes that the officers create a fabricated account on sites like Backpage is. The fake accounts identify them as completely different persons. Then, they engage in contact and set-up dates through their fake account. Their role is to pull out the sex workers from the sex business slump, shortly. It’s for the goodness of the girls, and girls only.

The Real Deal Behind the Operation

However, the disorganized bunch didn’t hit the mark with their good intentions. The intention is – to pose a threat to human trafficking.
The entire project is underlying a contradiction. No legal base advocates their motives. Why? Because with the laws and enforcement Canada introduced in 2014. It is illegal to BUY sex, and not to SELL it.
And what the cops did? They allegedly purchased services, at first, then, later revealing their identity as authority. It truly is a total missed construction of the project. Canada’s constitution draws back the attempts of the officers and policemen! Having said that, their targets wind up to be the sex workers, not the clients!

Raids in Ontario

The second most important city in Canada, Ontario, and its law enforcers got the operation to the table in 2014. Northern Spotlight was in the act on October 2015 and October 2016, where huge police raids followed through.
Yet, the second raid was the biggest of the pair. It included the FBI and a mesmerizing number of 53 police departments/agencies! Pivot Legal Society, a legal advocacy organization based in Vancouver, had numerous complaints set to them. The sex workers independently got in touch with them for legal issues.

Their statements claim that they don’t fear any danger, except the unnecessary police marches which are making it look scarier than it is. Police drama continues along. Lawyer Belak also says that the police didn’t have warrants to enter the brothel premises for their operation.
So, that’s another unintentional misconduct of law from the police. Meaning, their acts were illegal. In her words, some of the victims of the police raids charged services or items not relative to sex works, from the cops.

Sex worker’s side of the story

Jelena Vermilion, a 23-year-old sex worker opened up overtly to show her name and sound her voice. She says she’s fed up with how the cops treat this tricky business. Due to their deal and acts oblivioned the sex workers generally.
Jelena kept on going. She claims that sex workers deserve a lot more respect and dignity. They’ve got the liberty do fend for themselves, and crave things they want, albeit everything legal.

Quick Info: VICE has also made an article and interview about this situation. You can check it out right here:

Jelena confirms that they’re constantly calming down the police, but all the debates ended without effect. ‘We’re not babies’, Jelena confidently stands up to herself and her colleagues. She’s aware of human trafficking and it’s severity.
However, she prominently points out that there’s a difference between forced labor sex and consensual sex. She probably implied that they belong to the other one.

Mutual opinion

Lawyer Belak appointed the same thing as her defendant Jelena, between paid sex and human trafficking. Operation Northern Spotlight narrowed the connections between sex workers and police further – that is the counter-effect. The scare posing will make the girl sex workers unlikely to file complaints about human trafficking if it evokes somewhere.

One of the inserts of the open letter to the police is alike reported speech. Pulling sex workers out of the business without their allowance or permission doesn’t save either rescue them.

Worse case than that is penalizing them afterward if they refuse or do not consent to the police operation. The letter appeals for the Operation Northern Spotlight to end its tracks. They’re doing more damage rather than healing the wounds.
Jelena Vermilion, the sex worker says that the recent cause is bound to a ‘savior’ complex instead. Meaning, police aren’t guided with care into their job. Rather that they’re acting like heroes when there’s no need of one.
It doesn’t end there. Those ‘heroes’ continue to bug the ‘helpless’. Even though they’re in denial because of their useless help. Unfortunately, that is the truth.


Hence, Lawyer Brenda and Sex Worker Jelena both stand for the same side, rightfully benefiting the sex workers. The best way to prevent human trafficking from happening, plus raising sex worker safety is to decriminalize prostitution. That’s how they explained the situation.
Jelena’s exclaims: “If you want to benefit sex workers, listen to them.”.
We will wait for any further reports involving this case. For now, that’s all the news, a cliff-hanger ending making the sex workers expect fast and effective answers! They’re up for brothel opening, not raiding working space!

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