The Brothels You Can Find Around Europe


Where you can find them

In some European countries such as Austria, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Hungary and Latvia prostitution is legal and regulated.

You can find brothels in select locations in the cities of the countries mentioned above. They are highlighted through Red-Light Districts (streets filled with brothels or sex-related shops) or are simply known for their luxury.

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Why do we need brothels?

This is a huge step for Europe and for their citizens because by legalizing prostitution you improve the quality of life. It would require that all sex workers take regular medical exams, to prevent spreading sexually transmitted diseases. This goes both ways of course, the clients have the obligation to be up to date with their medical exams.

It would also help protect the financial rights of the brothel-girls by not being at the mercy of their pimp, who tends to keep a large part of the money. Legalizing prostitution would reduce the numbers of girls forced to do this job by human traffickers and it would help the police in lowering the number of kidnapped girls.

The legalization would improve the economy by not wasting time or money for the police forces, public defenders offices and the judicial system. Prostitution could be taxed as any other service to the public.

Tourism can be improved by forming Red-Light districts as in Hamburg or Amsterdam or luxury brothels such as the ones in Vienna.


In the end, legalizing a practice that has been the oldest profession might be the right step in the direction for a civilized world. This may not be everyone’s opinion, but in the eyes of many it truly is, otherwise Europe wouldn’t have this many brothels and Red-Light Districts filled with tourists from all over the world.

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