What You Need To Know About All Sex Establishments


The word brothel inspires a wide range of different feelings and ideas to each and every one of us. Depending on our social background and intimate beliefs, we may all come up with a different story about what we think that happens in a house with red lights. So here’s the short version of the naked truth about brothels.


A brothel is, in dictionary terms, a house of prostitution, it is a place where people engage in sex in the exchange of money.

Brothels have been a part of society since written history was able to attest it and we find the first reference to such a place of pleasure in a Sumerian text from four thousand years ago which describes a temple-brothel in the city of Uruk. The existence of many such other places are confirmed by historians since antiquity and although many people think of bordellos as places where only women sold their bodies, there are documents that prove that there have been some places in existence where young boys also served.

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Massage parlours, sauna clubs, bath houses

These red doors houses vary throughout the world mainly in their relationship with the law, which is seldom very good. They do exist everywhere nonetheless, even though some of them are disguised in massage parlours, sauna clubs, or bath houses. One occasion in which the government actually supported brothels was in times of war, when many armies had a mobile brothel service to keep the morals up, sometimes disguised under colorful euphemisms like “the sweet box”.

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Even in those parts of the world where justice capitulated its war with pleasure and where brothels are legal, there is still great prejudice against and misinformation about the people who work in and those who frequent these houses of ill repute. While some of the prostitutes may be people with a side career and a college education, some of the patrons may visit the bordello just to enjoy someone’s company without sex being involved.

The real dens of iniquity where sexual slavery and HIV show their true tragic meaning are brothels in countries that heavily repress prostitution and where a parallel underground and hypocritical system is in power of the sex trade.

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