How a Brothel In Amsterdam’s Red Light District Operates

Amsterdam is the go-to place for people all around the world. It’s heaven for those who want to enjoy the wonders of legal prostitution. It’s also an awesome place to visit coffee shops and any other drug under the sky. It is a prime destination for many European pouters.  Anyone who wants to enjoy a high-quality brothel and some of the most amazing prostitutes is welcome. The city’s red light district is notorious and has become a sort of tourist attraction as well. It has many dark sides and has built a dodgy reputation over the years, which has conjured some odd ideas about how business is done in its brothels. It’s easy to think that half of the business there is illegal, but in reality, a lot of good people make an honest living there.

Even though you can find a window with a hot prostitute standing in it with every second building you pass most of the business there is clean. It’s easy to look Amsterdam’s Red Light district as a dark place, filled with illegal activity, which is why we’re looking to shine more light on the truth. Let’s see how a small brothel works in the city of Amsterdam.

Walking Through a Market For Sex

Sure, there are plenty of top-notch brothels in the city that are worth noting, but we’re going to look at the small ones. The ones you just walk by and watch all the amazing girls staring at you through the window. There’s not much to do, other than to walk up, ask how much and walk to the back room with them. You might think that these girls have their pimps and other protectors lurking around the corner, but in reality, almost every girl works completely autonomously. They do business without anyone telling them what to do and without anyone taking their cut from the money they make.

Interesting Info: Amsterdam has also launched sex education in schools, led by Peter Leusnik. He talks about how porn actually ruins our image of sex. You can check out the article here: . 

They only  rent the windows they stand in, which is the property of private companies and individuals. All the girls have to do is go to one of their offices and pay the rental fee.  They can choose a window they want to work in and go wild for the night. It’s completely up to them to decide when they work and how they work. They also keep keeping all of their earnings for themselves. The girls pay about 150 euros to rent a window during the day and pay 200 to rent it for the night.

Common Problems

Though that seems like easy money for the guys who are running the business, it can get hard.  It’s a job where prostitutes who love them visit them every day. They are paid pretty well, but they put in plenty of extra work too. Their job also includes making sure that everything stays in order.

Amsterdam's famous canal

There are plenty of creeps visiting each brothel window, so often enough girls have to call them over. They have an alarm button available in each room, which they can press if things get out of hand. This usually happens when a customer thinks that he’s been treated unfairly and doesn’t want to leave. Most of the time, their reason is something stupid and they have to be forced out of the brothel. The guys can’t hit them or be too forceful because then the company will be held liable. Instead, they call the police to settle any of these unwanted situations.
The other annoying thing they can’t really help is the fact that the Red Light District has become a tourist attraction. It seems that more people are coming just to look at the prostitutes. They don’t intend to go in and have sex with them and just enjoy the view instead.


With prostitution being legal in more and more countries, sex work is becoming an honest profession. It’s making good money for plenty of people and is being regulated in numerous countries. With prostitutes receiving more and more support, it’s easier for them to work in more controlled environment such as this. If you want to see some amazing prostitutes in Amsterdam and hear the interviews done with them, check out this VICE documentary!

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