Drunk Sex Or High Sex I Which Is Better?

The philosophical question to whether getting drunk or getting high is better has been a topic at parties for a century. Which one makes you feel better? Is weed healthier? Which one makes sex better? There are more people who like to get drunk and have prejudices against smoking weed. But the club of smokers is also getting much larger. Those who smoke often say that it’s way better than alcohol, mainly because it doesn’t leave give you a hangover. But right now, we’re only going to look at it from a sexual perspective. We seek to answer the question, is high sex better than drunk sex? Should you get high or get drunk before you have sex with your partner, hook up or go to a brothel? Let’s find out!

Quick info: Feeling like doing both at the same time. It’s a great combo for sure. Here’s what it actually does to your mind: https://tonic.vice.com/en_us/article/aey385/what-mixing-weed-and-alcohol-does-to-your-mind

Sex on Booze

Anyone would argue that drunk sex is awesome, especially after a great night out. If you’ve taken a couple of shots and have a lovely girl to go home with, you’re bound to have some fun. Having some messy, sloppy drunken sex is awesome with your partner. Going drunk to a brothel is something you probably did already. Bet that was fun too. Let’s look at all the shades of having drunken sex and get to the bottom of the subject.

The Beer Googles is a Rela Thing

If you’re sitting in a bar with your friends with six beers in, things can happen pretty quickly. Maybe that hottie at the other end of the bar is gazing at you intensely. Maybe, she’s not so much of a hottie but why would you care? You have beer goggles on. As my friend used to say, there’s no ugly girl, there’s only insufficient alcohol in your system. So more often than not, you’ll go home with her and have a nice lay. It’s a different situation if you go to a brothel though. But you might not be as picky as you would be while you’re sober.

If you’re paying for sex, you should definitely be picky all the way. With beer goggles on, you’re more likely to sleep with any woman on first thought. No reason to overthink it or anything. Things are as simple as ever, yet your standards drop drastically when you’re drunk.

The Morning After Might Feel Off

There’s a reason why drunk people fight, have dirty sex and are reckless in many ways. Alcohol impairs judgment and makes you pretty irresponsible. Letting loose is completely okay, but being reckless isn’t, which you might end up being.
A lot of people associate negative feelings with waking up the morning after. Once you sober, some girls might not seem so attractive. Sure, you won’t care if she was a prostitute, but who you have sex with still matters. Blowing your money at the brothel isn’t too good to think about in the morning either

It Involves Plenty Of Negative Sensations

I don’t have to explain why getting drunk isn’t always a pleasant experience. It’s the same during sexy time. Though if you’re lucky, you stopped after three or four beers and hit the sweet spot. You’re drunk but without the negative effects. Hopefully, you’ll still feel good after a few thrusts. If you overdid it, you might end up vomiting from the dizziness, like most people do.
That doesn’t get the girls wet you know. If you’re lucky you ran out and she’s dry from your vomit too. The feeling that the world spins around you, nausea and tummy ache can definitely make sex seem like a drag.

Sex on Weed

Even your grandma is probably becoming more liberal about marijuana, as the rest of the world. More people are smoking weed now than ever and they do it for good reasons. It caries little risk of addiction, relieves muscle tension, treats Parkinsons disease and thousands of other sicknesses. Another reason being the fact that being high is pretty darn good.

Elevated Sensations

One of the best reasons to smoke weed before sex is that it gets you out of your head and into your body. You’re much more receptive to emotions and you’re much more sensitive to touch. Things also seem a lot more exciting and your libido is likely to increase in the process too. But if you turn smoking into a daily habit, it will get lame after a while.

Couple smoking in bed

While weed heightens sensations, alcohol numbs them. Which I think is the main reason people choose weed over alcohol in many situations. Weed deepens the emotional connection with your partner, which makes for better sex. Alkohol often ends up making you reckless and irresponsible towards your partner. You’re also likely to throw up or do something stupid if you’re in a brothel. That would just end up losing you money and having you thrown out of the joint.

It Leaves You With Clear Judgements

It’s called getting stoned for a reason. Weed definitely won’t make you into a brain surgeon, but it lets you make clearer judgments than alcohol does. There isn’t a thing called weed googles, so you won’t go home with the ugly girl. You’ll definitely be pickier when choosing your partner at a brothel as well. Better judgments make for a better experience and will take your high even higher.


I’m really looking to make an unbiased opinion, but plenty of facts speak on behalf of weed. We just have to look at it from an experiential perspective. There would be plenty of other reasons speaking for weed if we went scientific on the subject.

Quick Info: If you’re curious what other effects marijuana has on sexual performance, check out this article: http://www.businessinsider.com/marijuana-sex-2016-12

We’re keeping it simple instead. The most decisive fact is that while weed heightens your sensations, alcohol makes you numb. While numbness makes you last longer, great sensations are what makes sex great.

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