Austria’s Top Court Has Legalized Gay Marriage

The world is becoming a much more liberal and accepting place for everyone. The trend of legalizing gay marriage in European states is growing larger every year. Few things speak so loudly for this than the fact that Austria has legalized it as well. Now, same-sex couples can freely marry. This has brought the Alpine country in line with more than a dozen European nations that have done the same. After the very first European country, the Netherlands became the first one in 2001, it’s only natural that the rest of the world will eventually follow.

Until December 4th of 2017, a legal regulation prevented same-sex couples from marrying and it has been nullified. The new law came into place on December 31, 2018. This case was brought up by two women who were looking to get married. They were registered in a civil partnership but were denied the possibility of marriage by the authorities of Vienna. But now, both gay and lesbian couples can marry in a civil ceremony.

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woman in wedding dress holding flowers


As I mentioned, more than a dozen European countries have followed this trend. Germany is among them as well. But most of these countries will only allow same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships, rather than marriage.

But there are still a lot of countries that deny same-sex unions. These are Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and Latvia. So they aren’t a pleasant place for homosexuals to be as their nation completely denies homosexuals from the right to enter into unions.


Vienna is more open to change than ever and allows everyone to freely express their sexuality! Do you have any opinions you would like to share? Do you support this decision? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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