Could You Actually Get Robbed While You’re in a Brothel?


When you visit a brothel, it’s always important to take into consideration whether you can be robbed or not. Of course, prevention is always necessary. The fewer valuables you take with yourself, the less chance they have to take it away from you.

If you can avoid taxi scam – that means club owners tip taxi drivers for the clients driven to the brothel – is good. It’s important because scammer barkeepers want to take back the paid money on the client. It can go up to €50 for every single client.

Furthermore, there is one another thing that is worth paying attention to the reputation of the brothel. In Vienna, there are different sex clubs. Disreputable brothels can be found in Wien as well as high standard sex clubs. Reassuring signs can be seen as you enter the place. As there are quite many contact bars with bad clientele, for example, Balkanese costumers, you should avoid such places.

One another thing: if the girls just come and go frequently in a brothel, the chance of being robbed is always higher. Brothels which strive to build up their good reputation will take it seriously to employ honest and trustworthy girls in the long run. And these kinds of girls can attract gentlemen. So nice girls and gentlemen-kind clientele can be a feature that shows, you are in a safety bar.

Obviously not to get into bad reputation is a mutual interest for both the barkeepers and the girls. Many brothels fire the girls from whom it turns out they are thieves. And the news spread very quickly in whole Vienna. And a thief prostitute is not likely to get another job in a different brothel.

In general, brothels maintain their good reputation, so the clients don’t have to be afraid of being cheated. Although some prevention will always do good for you.

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