What Its Like to Be In An Adult Movie Theater


What are adult movie theaters?

An adult movie theater is a movie theater where the adult audience is shown pornographic movies. The main target for this kind of theaters is the heterosexual audience. However, heterosexual films often attract mainly male heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual clients with some of them being there for casual and anonymous sex with each other.

Certain theaters provide different entertainment during show breaks, like striptease or sex-shows with brothel-girls.

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Rules inside theaters are less strict regarding clothing, nudity and public masturbation or sex with such behavior being sanctioned by the management. Even though it may not be legal such conduct is not necessarily punished by local authorities. Clients of these theaters stated that they had no inhibitions during the spectacles and did what their body was craving for.

Where you can find them

In the United States, by 1989 the number of adult movie theaters dropped drastically to a mere 250. In the Netherlands, the number of porn theaters is about 60 with the theaters having at their entrance a sign showing that the company is licensed due to national and municipal rules.

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Adult movie theaters nowadays

In spite of the large number of adult movie theaters in the United States as well as the Netherlands, the spread of internet and home videos has made this business not very profitable. One would go to these theaters only for the rush of adrenaline that it provides, not for the movies.

If you are looking to fulfill your fantasies, be it voyeurism, a hot date with a brothel-girl, explore your sexuality or even to spice up your relationship and you had your share of brothel visits, then adult movie theaters are the place to go.

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