Hook Up With Hot Girls Online Through The Best Dating Apps

If you’re big on casual sex, the brothel isn’t the main option for getting your fix. In fact, it’s only a secondary option, considering how good you are at dating. Don’t get me wrong, going to a brothel is an amazing experience. Simply because there’s nothing you can do that wouldn’t end the situation in sex. But if you want to have a full-fledged experience, dating is the way to go. One way you can go about looking through hundreds of girls at once is by using a dating app. Tinder and Badoo aren’t the only one options you have! In fact, there are many.

In this article and I’m going to share all of them and what there is to know about them, with the hopes of you finding the one that suits you. So, let’s get down to it!


The largest and most well-established dating app and website on the internet. Match. Com is simply massive, even bigger than Tinder. Its creators have kept the app relevant and popular by constantly improving it. Thanks to the numerous unique and innovative features implemented into it, you can take online dating to the next level. It will show you matches you might have missed and the people who you’ve crossed in real life. Location tracking makes this possible, so you’ll know if you can easily hook up with someone near you. The match is similar to other dating apps only better. It has already got a lot of praise, thanks to the missed matches feature.

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Meetup.com isn’t actually a dating site, it’s a social media site with extended features. The whole idea of the platform is to bring together like-minded people. You can easily find your interest group in whatever hobbies or career you pursue. You can come together with local groups at any given week through this awesome website. This means that you can also find yourself dates pretty easily. Who isn’t interested in having sex with the right guy or girl? Especially when they have a common interest.

Meetup.com arranges around 90 000 meetups every week. People come together in their local cities and have fun. So if there’s anything you love to do and would like to share it with others, you know where to go. You can register and use the platform for free without any hassle.

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OkCupid is pretty amazing because it attracts people who love to talk and have in-depth conversations. The site is much more about creating context and substance with your matches. Which is why you’re much more likely to match with someone who you’re actually interested in.

OkCupid promotional picture.

There’s a questions section at the beginning of your registration that you’ll have to answer. OkCupid will then calculate the percentages of how you answer and set you up with people who answered similarly.

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If you’re new to a particular city, meeting new people can be a bit hard at the beginning. A hinge is a great tool to help you out in that case. It uses your Facebook friends list to find matches for you. You can match people with whom you have at least one mutual friend. You’ll have at least one connection, so it’s better than nothing. It’s a pretty good way to start meeting people locally.

The hinge also made studies after its launch. They found out that a most people are a lot more interested in sharing fond childhood memories than talking about anything in the entertainment industry. Seems pretty straight.

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The ingenious idea of Whitney Wolf, who was Tinder’s VP of Marketing, has brought a lot of success. Her app Bumble has quickly become a powerful contender among Dating Apps. It has improved on the things that Tinder lacks and made matchmaking a much more fast-paced process. This is because women can only send messages to men once they matched with them. The first message also has to happen within 24 hours, otherwise, the match will disappear. How many people did you match with on Tinder without ever talking to them? They are just there, filling a long list of names.

Bumble’s paid version offers more flexibility by allowing you to match with someone who you previously matched with or pass on others that already liked you. But I think the free version is good enough to get you started with online dating.

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