The Shocking Secrets Japan’s Famous Sex Industry Hides

Japan is known to be the rabbit hole of most weird sexual fantasies and animes. The country’s overly imaginative inhabitants have given birth to one of the craziest fetishes. It has plenty of admirers in the west. Especially people who love good anime and blooming sex industries.

Which is what we’re going to talk about. Because Japan has a brothel waiting for people around every second corner. The land of the rising sun is admired for it’s ever growing sex industry. Yet very few know the actual reason behind this massive sex industry and it’s actually a pressing issue. Japan is known to be a pretty emotionally cold place from time to time. Its inhabitants are incredibly well-disciplined and are often demanded to work 16 hours a day. With so little time to spare, they choose work over everything else. They aren’t shy to go to their favorite sex bar after so much work and let the sex industry cash in.The same goes for women as well, who mostly choose a career over housework and raising a child. To them, relationships seem like a true hassle. It’s simply not worth doing, which is a tendency that has led to a serious outcome.

Japan’s population is slowly decaying because of the people’s tendencies. The number elderly people is slowly growing while the number of babies and children are dropping.A government survey has shown this tendency with its results. Stating that around 50% of women between the age of 18 and 35 are single. While the 60% of men in the country, around the same age are also single. It has also shown that there are more people above the age of 60 than below the age of 15. So, the population is steadily dropping and new brothels are opening.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Most people would blame men in the country, for being too awkward. Most of them are afraid of women like they were demons. Some guys have some serious communication issues and would rather spend their money on toys in their 20’s. Women have a tendency to be more serious, so, you get where it’s going. But this is only one of the many reasons men and women aren’t engaging in actual intimate relationships.

So, most people go down the rabbit-hole of all the weird things Japan’s sex industry has in store for them. Nothing to wonder about, because they can have any of their needs satisfied at a whim. Starting with sex toys. There’s plenty of them. Whatever part you like about a girl, tits, ass, pussy, foot, hair, you can find a toy for that. If you feel in for a more emotional relationship, no problem. There are plenty of virtual girlfriends and dolls that talk. Having sex with dolls is a great hit in Japan and a lot of guys have one in their bedroom. It wouldn’t be anything new if you came across a brothel that offered sex with dolls or virtual sex.

For those who want a real-life experience, they have plenty of possibilities. For about 80$, you can have yourself a cuddling partner for an hour. A nice girl will welcome you and hug you throughout an hour. You might even have an intelligent conversation. If you want to go on a date and have an anime character you fancy, no problem! You can have a nice girl dress up as her and go with her on a date. But you can also have some regular sex or enjoy some femdom fetish action.

Anime girl winking in front of a blue background.

Under The Engine of The Sex Culture

While men hang out in a brothel or a cuddle cafe, women do similar stuff. They go to a host bar during a Saturday night, where they get all the male attention they want. Have no mistake, these bars offer no sex what so ever. Women just go there to have an intelligent conversation and have guys be nice to them. For club regulars, what they get here is enough.

Qucik Fact: Many people in Japan see the classical image of love and relationships as a movie scheme and total bull#it. See this VICE documentary to get a better example of how things are going on there:

You can find about 200 awesome brothels in Tokyo and plenty of cuddle cafés, host bars, and other strange places. A person can satisfy just about any sexual desire they have. One can also have just one aspect of a relationship packaged and handed to him/her in a package. Everything has a price and you can buy any experience that you would have in an actual relationship. If you have the cash, you can dive into the craziest sexual adventures a human can dream of. Yakuza, Japan’s most nutorious gang drives most of this business. They own pretty much every brothel out there and business is booming. It seems that it will be that way long before we have passed.


Whatever dirty experience you dream of, let it be as simple as a threesome, or sex with an octopus, you’ll find it in Japan. The land of the rising sun has a steadily decaying population but shows a rapid growth in its sex industry. It’s no surprise that one of the most notorious gangs in history is running it. It’s a true wonderland for every pouter out there.

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