89 year old man admits to shooting at a prostitute in front of brothel

According to our sources, Domenico Natale, a 89 year old man fired twice at the prostitute he used to pay for sex in front of a Melbourne brothel. According to the authorities, the man suffered a breakdown after the woman refused him. To the Supreme Court hearing, the man pleaded guilty to four offences. The Court investigated the man for multiple infractions, including threatening, stalking, reckless conduct and possession of an unregistered weapon. Simon Moglia, the lawyer of Domenico Natale declared that his client suffered a massive breakdown caused by the relationship his client had with the woman.

The investigators gathered all the information about this case

The prosecutors presented the facts from a different point of view. They claimed that the octogenarian was jealous of the woman’s clients. According to investigators, Natale was the prostitute’s client for almost three years and his feelings for the woman intensified after his wife died. When the police came to arrest him, Domenico Natale wanted to commit suicide, but he survived it and he was charged. The octogenarian pleaded guilty and according to his lawyer the man was upset that the woman turned him down.

Prior to the shootings, Domenico Natale has threaten the woman through some text messages. Later that day, the man stepped out of his car and fired two shots at the prostitute. The first one hit a wall and the second one was fired when she managed to enter the brothel. One important aspect of the investigation is that a forensic psychiatrist has cleared Domenico Natale of mental impairment. Romantics is a brothel located in Melbourne that has been providing escort services for more than 20 years. According to Natale’s defense, it is clear that the man didn’t want to kill the woman due to the fact that the first fire was shot higher than the prostitute’s head.

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Defence lawyer, Simon Moglia, declared that his client had suffered a breakdown

The octogenarian’s lawyer, Simon Moglia has declared that the jury won’t be able to establish if his client wanted to kill or to scare the sex worker. The magistrate Carolyn Burnside has watched CCTV footage and she had enough evidence to send the man to trial. The magistrate affirmed that according to the footage it is clear the man wanted to kill the woman because the two shots followed the victim’s movements. Domenico Natale used  a 12-gauge double-barreled gun. The cartridges are commonly used for hunting. All the people who knew the man were surprised by his attempt to kill the sex worker. The information became viral and a lot of people were shocked that a person like Domenico Natale can be capable of such a terrifying act.


Although Domenico Natale’s defense considers that the man didn’t premeditate his action and he didn’t plan to kill the prostitute, the court has another opinion. The investigators declared that they have enough evidence in order to demonstrate that the octogenarian didn’t just want to scare the woman. The CCTV footage and the text messages that Natale had sent to the sex-worker are two of the main arguments of the prosecution. We will continue to keep you up to date and will provide more details about the trial.


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